Nā Makalehua is a hui of young Native Hawaiians, who have committed as a collective to participate in the Naʻi Aupuni governance ʻaha. We come to this group with our individual and differing manaʻo on the priorities for restoring our mana aupuni, the best governance model to get us there, and the political solutions to address the issues facing our people.  We have all committed to abide by the values and principles that will guide how we will engage in the work before us: ʻauamo kuleana, hoʻāno puʻuhonua, hoʻōla hoʻopaʻapaʻa, mālama pilina, me ka hoʻokō kapu aloha.  With the charge and blessing of our mentors and kupuna, we stand together, as a new generation of humble and prepared warriors, to use this moment as an opportunity before us to hoʻoholomua our lāhui and fullfill our kuleana.

He hui ‘ike a ‘auamo kuleana kēia e hāpai hou ‘ia ai ka lāhui

This hui internalizes and carries out its kuleana to each other, our ‘ohana, lāhui and place. We are clearly aware that we represent those who came before us, who taught, advised and raised us to respect our people and place. Inherent to this kuleana is the need to assess our current situation and use the knowledge and skills we have been given to identify and develop the best solutions going forward.

He pu‘uhonua ko kēia hui ke kūkākūkā

Hui discussions take place in a pu‘uhonua fashion such that is it a safe zone and refuge for those who are present and have chosen to be in this particular space.

‘Ike kākou no kēia mea ‘o ka ho‘opa‘apa‘a Hawai‘i, a ‘imi ikaika kākou i ho‘ōla maoli i kēlā

We seek to be practitioners of Hawaiian ho‘opa‘apa‘a as a means to engage in meaningful, lively discourse that encourages and requires diverse, and many times, opposing views in order to truly vet the best solutions for our future. There is however a “lawena” to this process that allows for passionate and articulate rhetoric and discussion but does not sacrifice diplomacy and lasting pilina in the process of doing so.

He makakoho ka mālama pilina no ka pono nui

We place a priority on maintaining the interpersonal relationships that define us as a hui and a people; our pilina not only to each other, but to our ‘ohana that is supporting us, our lāhui and our ‘āina or place.

Ka‘a kēia hui ma lalo ke kapu aloha o kēia au

We all understand and abide by a traditional understanding, currently being referenced by the term kapu aloha. All the values stated above coalesce under this term and define what we are striving for as a hui of the haunana hou of leaders in our lāhui ikaika a kūpaʻa.